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We Are Hiring Licensed Carpenters and Painters!

Hiring painters and carpenters for home renovationsBCJ Renovations Inc. is getting so busy that it’s time we start hiring again, and today we’re giving you notice that we’re looking for Licensed Carpenters and Licensed Painters!

If you’re a Licensed Carpenter: you are highly skilled in Finished Carpentry, Rough Carpentry, Installations of Doors and Windows and so much more! Starting Rate: $30.00 per hour.

If you’re a Licensed Painter: you’re a highly skilled painter, proficient, accurate, take pride in your work and reliable. Starting Rate: $22.00 per hour.

Start a Career at BCJ Renovations!

If you’re interested in a great career in the home renovations industry, have the drive, and the experience we’re looking for, you can join our amazing team of professional carpenters and painters. BCJ Renovations Inc. is looking for highly qualified experts to work with us during this very business season – call us today!

Do you want to work for BCJ Renovations Inc.?

Call 844-225-7366 for Details and Start Working Tomorrow!

If you’d like to work for BCJ Renovations simply give us a call at 844-225-7366 or you can send your resume to We’ll be going through all submissions and doing the hiring very soon so make sure to get in touch with us. The faster we talk, the quicker you can get to work!

BCJ Renovations is Hiring Licensed Painters and Carpenters! Call 844-225-7366 for Details and start working tomorrow!

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