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They Called The Expert Painters In Kitchener

If you live in Kitchener and are looking for expert painters to take care of your house painting projects, BCJ Renovations are the contractors to call.

Since our painting service has become so renowned throughout Brantford, people are starting to hear about high quality painting services throughout the region. We do our best, and you can see some of results of our work in the picture gallery below.

We not only painted the interior of this home – the living room – but we also installed the pot lights on the ceiling and before painting did dry-wall restoration. We fixed everything to look the way it did when house was built. Your home is your investment.

We are an accredited painting company and a renovations company – we do it all.

Like all our jobs, during the pre-painting stage, we sat down with the customer and went through all their options, and most importantly exactly what they were looking for in a small renovation. Once we gathered the right information as to the renovation job, we set a time to do the work.

Below is a picture gallery of the internal painting/small restoration job we did in Kitchener.

Want to see more painting pictures? Visit our interior painting pictures to get a glimpse of the work we do. Feel free to call us for a quote or visit our painting services page for more detailed information.

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