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The Top 10 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

At first it doesn’t always look like your windows need replacing, but the not so obvious reasons to replace them are usually a cause for concern.

Window performance isn’t always the only problem either. Safety can, and should be a concern too. Once you’ve read through the points below, feel free to visit our section on our custom windows installation services and feel free to call us with any of your questions.

These are the top reasons why you should replace your home windows:

  1. safety issues
  2. they slam shut
  3. non-tempered glass windows
  4. privacy issues / glue chip or frosted glass
  5. excessive condensation and frost
  6. a room feels cramped, too small
  7. windows don’t match your decor
  8. rooms are too dark
  9. not energy efficient
  10. they are out of warranty
  11. they’re difficult to open and close
  12. loud noises penetrate easier (not soundproof)
  13. drafts in the winter
  14. they leak in rain
  15. easier for insects to get inside
  16. outdated window style
  17. style dissatisfaction
  18. buildup of mold and mildew
  19. decreased home value or curb appeal
  20. extreme window glare / bronze tint

Below I will explain each point to you in more details so you can get a better understanding of the various reasons old windows should be replaced, and what you should do about it.

Safety issues

If anything, safety issues are the top reasons people should replace their windows.

Windows that slam shut

Example of window needing replacingWhen your windows were first installed they definitely didn’t have a problem shutting smoothly and safely; they definitely didn’t slam shut. Once windows become unstable and their tracks get warped due to wear and tear, they don’t act like their supposed to and slamming shut can become a problem especially on windy days.

Windows that slam shut also pose a safety issue because of the potential for the glass to shatter. If the window isn’t using tempered glass, if it shatters, large glass shards can go everywhere. We don’t want our children around a situation like this.

Are your windows slamming shut? Don’t simply fix them. Replace them!

You have non-tempered glass windows

These days it’s just common sense to use some form of safety tempered glass for your home windows. The most important reason to use it – as mentioned above – is because when tempered glass shatters, it does so in small pieces which are much more safer for you to interact with.

No one likes cleaning up broken glass but it’s much easier and safer to do with glass that’s in small pieces versus long sharp shards.

Many older homes are built without tempered glass windows and aside from this particular aspect probably don’t perform as well as they used to. If your windows aren’t performing well, and your home is a bit older, go for an upgrade because your windows probably need one.

You have glaring privacy issues

Windows without privacyThe most common room of the home that has window privacy issues is the bathroom, but technically any window in your home can have privacy issues depending on what’s on the outside.

Privacy issues especially these days is always a call for window replacement. Whether you live in a stand-alone home or a condo, adding privacy windows can really give you peace of mind.

Using curtains are a simple fix to privacy issues but many home owners don’t always want their curtains shut when they’re in certain rooms. Sometimes we enjoy the sunlight but can’t because the neighbors or people walking down the street can see you.

The following are several examples of where privacy windows can or should be installed:

  • bathroom windows that face the neighbours or other public views
  • bedroom windows that face the neighbours or other public views
  • and even basement windows, especially larger ones

One option is to install what are called tinted privacy windows. You can also install electric windows that tint at certain set times of the day or night.

Specifically for bathrooms, you can installed etched privacy glass which allows most of the light in but obscures the view of the inside completely.

There’s tinted glass but you could opt in for reflective glass as well. Reflective glass hinders ultraviolet damage to the home and reduces the fade impact of the items in your home.

If you’ve spent years hiding from your neighbours while you’re in the privacy of your home, don’t hesitate to find out more about the benefits of adding privacy windows to your home.

Condensation and frost buildup on your window sill

When windows get old, one sign they need replacing is the constant build up of condensation and frost along your window sill. Frost and condensation usually build up around windows that have become uneven or damaged over time from wear and tear.

One safety concern with a leaky window with moisture is the buildup of mold around your window sill.

Your heating and air conditioning bill will also give you a sign that something is up and by the time windows start leaking in elements, other problems are probably apparent too – or will become apparent in due time.

Your room feels cramped and feels too small

Bright bedroom new windowsOne simply and easy way to give more space to a room is by installing new windows. Adding one or two windows to room can give the impression of more space and makes the room look larger than it is.

A new window in any room in your home also makes the ceiling look a bit higher especially if you add long stylish drapery that’s hung as close to the ceiling as possible. The larger the window, the more spacious the room will seem.

Your windows don’t match your existing decor

Old windows that don’t match the surrounding decor are a nightmare for home owners. As years pass, many upgrades can be applied to a home but much of the time, window upgrades are neglected – especially because they seem like an expensive job.

If your windows are out of date, and you’re tired of the mismatched styles of the rooms in your home, consider an upgrade and have new windows installed. There’s nothing like finishing up an interior design knowing that every aspect of the interior is upgraded.

Your room is too dark

This is almost just as bad as a room that feels to small. Some rooms are just meant to have windows even though they were built into them.

Sure you can add a lamp into the corner, or add brighter lights, but there’s nothing more stylish or appealing than brightening up a room with natural light from the outside. Why have an empty and dull room when a new window is all it takes to transform it into something beautiful?

Windows not energy efficient

You may not notice it but if your windows are at least 20 years old, they’re probably already causing home heating and air conditioning issues, and causing your energy bills to be higher than they need to be.

Older windows suffer from years of wear-and-tear and a check of their efficiency would probably yield evidence that there are ventilation issues persisting on an ongoing basis. These issues turn into dollars, especially over the span of many years.

Do you want to save money? You could add caulking or weatherstripping yourself, but for a small investment in new windows, you can substantially reduce energy costs by at least $400+ a year, on top of upgrading the value of your home.

Out of warranty windows

Another reason to get your windows replaced is if they’re out of warranty. If they’re out of their warranty period, they’re probably old enough to be causing many of the issues listed above, and if something happens to them, you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket to get them fixed anyway.

Here’s what to look for in a window warranty and why it’s beneficial to have one. When you’ve finally decided to replace your old windows, make sure to talk with your renovation company about the warranties on the windows they install for you.

Difficulty opening and closing

After years of usage windows eventually fall out of alignment and can cause problems with opening and closing them. Like other aspects mentioned above, this comes naturally with the age of the windows.

If you’re not the first owner of the home, you also have no idea how certain windows in your home were treated by the previous owners. If they get stuck all the time, it could very well be because the previous owners were rough with them.

Along with the other points mentioned above, a window that’s tough to open and close is something you can fix, but at the same time you can invest a little money and have them replaced.

You hear too many loud noises from the outside

Noises outside windowMaybe when your home was built 25 years ago, you lived on a quiet street, but with the passing time, neighbourhoods become more busy and the growing noise more easily penetrates into your home.

Do your neighbours throw loud parties all the time? Do you hear the buzz of cars and trucks whizzing by 24 hours a day? Can you hear groups of kids yelling in the street day in and day out? Do airplanes fly loudly overhead? If you answered yes to any of these questions, replacing and installing better quality soundproof windows is definitely something you should put on your to do list.

The benefits of soundproofed windows goes beyond the peace and quiet they afford you. Because installing them will be an upgrade, you increase the value of your home, and further enhance the design of your interior.

Drafts in the winter

Drafts in the summer aren’t generally noticed accept if you’re paying close attention to your electricity bills, but winter drafts hardly get by undetected. Winter drafts not only seep in and increase your hydro bills but they cause an imbalance in the temperature of the rooms in your home.

If you’re experiencing increasing drafts year after year, it’s a sign your windows need looking at, and probably need replacing. Brand new windows will ensure the drafts don’t get in and that your heating bill is more consistent for years to come.

They leak in rain

Leaky window exampleIs the carpet wet underneath your window? Does moisture build up on your window ledges? Do you have to put towels down around your windows after a rain storm? Leaky windows are most annoying to home owners and if your windows are more than 20 to 25 years old, you can expect them to leak a little.

The good news is that a leaky window can be replaced with an energy efficient, and a more stable and sturdy one. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues with your windows including having to deal with a leaky one, you’re definitely in the right position to get new ones installed.

Insects are getting inside

If your windows are old, and have alignment issues, they can create small cracks that make it easy for small insects to get into your home. That’s why you see ants in your living room and bedrooms; that’s why you see earwigs in your home; that’s how spiders get in, and how other insects end up

If you see strange numbers of insects in your home year after year, it’s time to get your windows checked – or better yet – have them replaced. The benefits of replacing your windows goes far beyond keeping insects out, but of course keeping out unwanted creatures definitely helps make the choice to replace them much easier.

Outdated window style

If your windows don’t match the interior or exterior if your home, and your tired of the way it looks, you don’t need to convince anyone that it’s time to get your windows replaced.

A great way to upgrade a home and increase it’s value is by optimizing the way it looks – it’s curb appeal and it’s interior style by installing new windows that share the same look and feel of the rest of your home.

Style dissatisfaction

This would be the same problem as having style-outdated windows. Maybe your windows aren’t that old but you simply don’t like their style. Why live forever in a home, or in rooms you can bare to look at?

You can start by looking through the various online catalogue of window styles available online. From there you can brainstorm ideas for new styles that will compliment your existing tastes, and plan to set aside extra cash for a full window replacement. Most window replacements cost anywhere from $400 to $1200, and with that small investment you’ll be able to safely boast that you have new windows to die for!

Buildup of mold and mildew

Years of excessive moisture buildup around inefficient windows are bound to cause mold and mildew problems. Once mold sets in, it’s hard to get rid of and becomes a health hazard. There are safe ways to remove mold buildup but it’s something you’re going to have to do year after year to keep up.

Not to mention that mold and mildew make a room look dingy, even if you’ve redecorated.

With energy efficient and newly installed windows you can easily rest assured that all traces of mold will disappear and you can keep the rooms in your home looking clean and stylish for years to come.

Decreased home value or curb appeal

You don’t have to be told that your windows are out of style, old, rickety, stubborn and malfunctioning, and you’re considering selling your home, it’s advised that you make an investment in replacing your old windows.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there’s nothing beautiful about aged windows that are causing you nothing but problems. They don’t look nice, and prospecting home purchasers can sense this the minute they walk into a room.

If you want to increase the value of your home’s sale price, and your windows are out of date, consider getting them replaced. You’ll rest assured that the value of your home will be increased or at least maintain it’s value during a sale.

Extreme window glare

Glaring light through windowsSome rooms are perfectly spacious and lot’s of sunshine getting in, but sometimes it’s too much light and at different times of the day that excessive light causes glares to those inside the home.

Glare problems can be rectified by replacing your windows with glare free window styles. You can choose from a few styles and functions such as installing windows with decorative window films, solar window films and security window films.

As mentioned above, tinted windows can be great for maintaining a room’s privacy, but glaring external light is usually one of the top reasons a home owner will get their windows replaced.

The take home

If you’ve read this far into this article, it’s clear that you’re itching to get new windows, and you should. You and your family will appreciate your choice and overall you’ll enjoy the new found peace of mind knowing you’ve finally got new windows that will keep your home looking presentable for years into the future!

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