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Shower Stall Bathroom Renovation Tiling Example

There are many ways to install shower tiles in a bathroom enclosure, and we have our own way too. This was one an example of one of the bathroom renovations we did in a home in Brantford Ontario. We were doing a doing a vertical half-brick patter install and wanted to show you how we do it and the end result. It’s not the easiest tile installations but when it’s done right – creating the center line using a grout joint or center tile.

In this case we decided to use a center tile, and we drew two level-lines. So we drew 1 level-line at half a tile, and 1 level-line at full tile. We worked our way up from there. As we got to the top of the stall to do the ceiling, we applied a product called Servolight which is a flexible thin set mortar and is great for applying ceiling tiles and ensuring there won’t be any tile sagging.

You you can see in the video, everything looks tip-top – everything is level, perfect alignment and grout work – everything is ready for the final touches of the stall renovation. When a customer hires you to do a bathroom renovation the expect a 100% professional job. That’s why it’s important for you as a home owner to really do your research into renovations companies in your area and make sure the company you hire can do what they say they do.

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