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Part 2 of Before and After Renovations of Paris Ontario Montessori

A few days ago we post some before and after pictures of a beautiful renovation job we complete at the Paris Montessori. This article is part 2 of that job. Like phase one, we removed all the old flooring, prepped the walls for custom painting, and gave the classroom a complete makeover.

We’ve posted the before and after picture gallery at the bottom of this post, but you can also watch the video below. We updated our painting before and after picture gallery so if you’d like to see more examples of our custom painting you can click here to view it.

This phase of the job was particularly exiting for us because management was hoping we would get this renovation completed before the kids came back to school after the March break. Of course we came through for them, and the report back is that the students are quite delighted about the new look of their classrooms.

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