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Part 1 of Full Bathroom Renovation in Brantford ON

Finished Bathroom RenovationAlthough our clientele for home renovations extends into Kitchener and Hamilton, the bathroom renovations here were for a home in Brantford Ontario. We were hired to do a complete bathroom renovation for two upstairs bathrooms.

In the video below you’ll see part 1 of our work were we demolished the existing bathroom and fixtures – gutting them out – and preparing them for all new products and design ideas.

So on this day our first step was to start demolishing the bathroom; we took out all the ceramic tiles surrounding the tub area, we removed the shower stall and it’s base; we removed the floor tiles. The vanity was coming out and getting replaced so it was completely removed. The toilet was also being replaced so it was removed.

The game plan was for about one day for the whole demolition and about 7 or 8 days to put everything back together with all new products.

Watch the video below to actually see the beginning of the demolition process and what the bathrooms looked like before we started:

New week we’re going to complete the bathroom renovation, all new products will be installed and the bathrooms will be nicely decorated so you can get the full impact of our work. Make sure to check back in a few weeks and if you want to learn more, just visit our complete home renovations section for more information.

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