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Kitchener Home Renovations of Full First Floor

Kitchener Home Renovations of Full First FloorBCJ Renovations was in Kitchener doing a full first floor renovation of a home on Deer Ridge Drive. This was an amazing interior transition that took only a few weeks to finish. This was a home of the exclusive Deer Ridge neighbourhood (and the Deer Ridge Golf Course).

The Main Floor Part of the Renovation

Although these custom homes were built beautifully, most of them are about 15 years old, and this was one of them that needed rejuvenation and remodelling.

For this job all the old ceramic tiles in the kitchen and kitchen foyer were removed; all the old hardwood at the home’s entrance and in the main living room were removed, and both were replaced throughout with a very popular hardwood flooring called Preverco. Preverco is a high end hardwood flooring that’s extremely durable, and resists wear-and-tear and staining.

The main floor wall colours were transformed from builders standard beige to a 3 tone grey throughout the main floor, beautiful added accents, and theatre walls.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was updated with a stunning grey-quartz counter-top which flows nicely with the down-stairs banister which was painted in a gun-metal grey.

Below is our picture gallery for this home renovation. During this job we replaced and installed hardwood flooring, painting and a minor bathroom renovation. You can view more pictures in our picture gallery to get a better idea of the quality of the work we do.

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