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Home Renovations

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Custom Windows & Doors

BCJ Renovations provides complete custom windows and doors solutions for home owners in Brantford, Paris, Kitchener, and Hamilton, ON. A perfect new window, door or backyard patio door installation begins by hiring the right team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors to do the job.

We will help you choose a great interior or exterior design, the perfect colours and all extra details that will complement the look and feel of your home, and your personal style. Let BCJ Renovations help you greet your guests with style.

Custom windows and doors renovation example

BCJ Renovations offers the perfect solution for residential projects and will install premium window and door products of your choice that are energy efficient, top performing and always visual esthetic.

Custom window installations

There are various styles of custom window installations you can choose from:

  • Kitchen windows
  • Room windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Basement windows
  • Front facing windows

We install all styles of windows from brand new sliding windows to terrace windows. If you haven’t chosen your customer window yet, BCJ Renovations will help you choose the best style that compliments the current look and feel of your home.

Custom door installations

  • Entrance doors
  • Glass entrance doors
  • Wood, steel or glass doors
  • Patio doors
  • Garden doors
  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Garage entrance doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Bypass sliding doors
  • Hinge doors

Custom Exterior Door Styles

  • Single doors
  • Single door with sidelight panel
  • Single door with double sidelight panels
  • Double doors
  • Double door with double sidelight panels
  • Single doors with transom (and/or double sidelight panels)
  • Single or double doors with sidelight and half-circle transon

We install all styles of doors from standard steel doors and fiberglass doors, to glass finishes and standard door installations.

You can choose to renovate and install new windows or doors in every room in your home, or only one room or area at a time. Once your new products are installed, you can rest assured you’ll find a correction in your heating and air conditioning bills.

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We provide a full range of custom doors and windows services. Call us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation. BCJ Renovation will make your dreams for a beautiful home a reality. Feel free to contact us for a quick quote on renovations and get the ball rolling today!

Let's discuss your next project.