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Home Renovations

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Ceiling and Drywall Renovations

If you’re thinking about upgrading your ceilings or walls, you’ve come to the right place. We provide expert ceiling and drywall renovations for homes with an eye out for perfection.

Upgrading your home with ceiling renovations is a surefire way of improving the quality and value of your home and will give it a new modern look. These days many homes still have old stucco (popcorn) ceilings which are quite outdated and not the most beneficial forms of a ceiling a home can have.

Ceiling repairs and renovations

Ceiling Renovations and RepairsThere are also many ceilings that were originally built that have many imperfections and anomalies that make the home look tattered and used. BCJ Renovations provides expert ceiling and drywall services that will guarantee your ceilings look brand new and ready for beautiful new fixtures. 

If your home is older than at least 30 years old, the interior of your home was probably constructed entirely with a simple plaster finish only. With this type of interior finish, it generally takes a very high level of expertise to repair properly and should probably be left up to the professionals.

We do small ceiling patch jobs to cover up small cracks etc. on the surface, and much bigger jobs where complete restoration is needed.

Drywall repairs and renovations

Drywall repairs and restorations are also best left to the pros. Our team of carpentry experts provides a seamless integration of old to new drywall leaving behind a wall that’s super smooth and ready for painting.

We install the highest quality drywall for all our work and ensure that the new installation is firmly planted into the home’s existing structure. You drywall will not irregularly crack or bend over time.

Ready to have those holes in your ceiling or walls repaired?

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We provide a full range of services to take you through the renovation process from design to completion. Call us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation. If you’re ready to find out what BCJ Renovation has to offer, and how we’ll help make your dreams for a beautiful home come true, feel free to contact us for a quick quote on renovations and get the ball rolling today!

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