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Bathroom Vanity Renovations and Installation

BCJ Renovations provides bathroom vanity renovations and installation services with a keen eye on design and integration. To ensure your bathroom and vanity is up to your standards and installed according to that which you’ve envisioned for your bathroom, you need to let the professionals at BCJ Renovations tackle your project for you.

We install all bathroom vanities including but not limited to:

  • Reynal Vanity sets
  • Danville Vanity sets
  • Rosalinda Vanity sets
  • Aria Vanity sets
  • Peabody Vanity sets
  • Lambeth Vanity sets
  • Aria Vanity sets
  • Pembroke Vanity sets
  • Glacier Bay Vanity sets
  • The Windham Collection
  • and more…

Your personal preference is what matters. There’s Traditional style bathroom vanities, Modern Styles, Contemporary – all styles of sinks, counter-tops, mirrors, faucets and built in cabinets. Whether you need a single bathroom or double bathroom vanity installed, we work closely with you to discover your specific wants and needs and make them a reality.

See some examples of unique and gorgeous vanity installs below:

Bathroom vanity renovations example

Full bathroom renovation with vanity install:

Gorgeous bathroom vanity renovation

View our before and after bathroom renovations pictures here

Our expertise is in providing expert home renovation contractor services that include a full consultation where we help you visualize the dream bathroom you’re looking for, and ensure that dream will become a reality. For questions or to request a free consultation and quote on installing your vanity, simply call 844-225-7366 today!

Let's discuss your next project.