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Category: Home Renovation Tips

The Best Tips To Properly Install Bathroom Shower Tiles

If you’re going to be applying tiles in your bathroom tub or shower stall you’re going to want to make sure you do it accurately. If you don’t, you can end up with various draining issues or you’ll the layout of your tiles will be out of order and won’t look nice. We recently finished […]

The Top 10 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

At first it doesn’t always look like your windows need replacing, but the not so obvious reasons to replace them are usually a cause for concern. Window performance isn’t always the only problem either. Safety can, and should be a concern too. Once you’ve read through the points below, feel free to visit our section […]

Brantford Reno Restoring A Complex Vaulted Ceiling Tips

This was a ceiling restoration job we did in Brantford where the home owner wanted us to restore their complex vaulted ceiling. This was one of the few jobs we did this year where we had to repair a previous company’s work. In this video we show you the proper way to tape walls to […]

Why Replace Popcorn (Stucco) Ceiling With a Flat Ceiling During Home Renovation

Recently we were doing a home renovation job for a home in Kitchener. While we were doing our work we decided we’d shoot a video to give you an example of how to replace a popcorn stucco ceiling with a flat ceiling, and why it’s better to do so. Upgrading your ceiling with a flat […]

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