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Brantford Reno Restoring A Complex Vaulted Ceiling Tips

This was a ceiling restoration job we did in Brantford where the home owner wanted us to restore their complex vaulted ceiling. This was one of the few jobs we did this year where we had to repair a previous company’s work.

In this video we show you the proper way to tape walls to reduce bleeding, which products are the best to use, and why.

For this job we masked the walls simply because they weren’t being touched today. We used a 3M Advanced Masking tape. We first applied the tape around the ceiling to create a paint-blocking system so when the painter goes to paint, nothing will bleed through.

Then we used a masking roller and masked the entire room to hinder dust from getting everywhere, and especially on the walls.

The problem we had with this job was that the home owner used a contractor who’s work started to crack. When we fix drywall taping issues like in this situation we use a masking tape called No-Coat Ulatraflex 325 which is sectioned off at one foot sections which makes it ultra easy to measure and cut for various situations.

To get to some of the tips and see how applying the mud to the ceiling is properly done, watch the video below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

The content in this video can be applied by any up-and-coming home reno companies, but generally, a restoration job of this nature should only be done by the professionals in order to ensure it’s done right, and it doesn’t have to be fixed a year from now.

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