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Part 1 of Before and After Renovations of Paris Ontario Montessori

Finished Custom Flooring and Painting Renovation pictureThis is part 1 before and after flooring and painting renovations pictures of a big job we did at the Paris Montessori school, just outside Brantford Ontario. There were two phases to this project. In the picture gallery below you’ll see the process from start to finish of the first phase, and we’ll post part 1 – the second phase in another article.

This was our first project of the year starting January 2, 2017 – we were exited. By the time of this job we were already ten renovation quotes in but that didn’t stop us from getting this and our other important jobs done. We had the first phase of this renovation done by January 7, and at time, the Montessori management had already booked us in for the second phase of the job which is to start in March, 2017. In both cases we’re renovating the floor and walls of two classrooms.

You can check out the before and after gallery at the bottom of this post or check out the video below:

For this phase, we performed flooring renovations and because the walls needed to be restored we also provided custom painting work. As a part of our process we removed all the old and worn out laminate flooring, installed new laminate flooring, and restored the old walls with a brand new paint job. The picture gallery below shows the first classroom we renovated.

By the time we were ready to put the new laminate flooring down, it only took us approximately 5 hours to get it done. Needless to say our amazing customer was quite pleased! In the end, it was everyone’s view that the classroom just didn’t look the same. It really is amazing at what can be done to change the look of a new space in only a week.

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